What is Web3

2 July
What is Web3
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Once upon a time there was a boy named Tim. He loved technology and dreamed of a magical world where everyone could live freely and independently. One day Tim found an old book that talked about Web3 - a new, amazing Internet where people control their own data and can live without fear of Big Brother.

Introduction to the world of Web3

This new internet, Web3, was different. Instead of large companies that stored all the information about people, there were decentralized networks where everyone could be the master of their data. It was a world where incredible things could be done using blockchains and smart contracts—magic spells that were performed automatically if certain conditions were met.

TelegramOS and Crypto Phone

One day Tim heard about a magical device - a Crypto Phone with a shell TelegramOS. This phone was not a simple gadget, but a real magical tool that allowed him to become invisible to the Matrix - an evil system that tried to control everything and everyone.

Buy a crypto number on

Tim decided he needed to purchase a magical cryptonumber from It was a special number that allowed him to use all the magical functions of the Crypto Phone. To buy it, Tim did the following:

  1. Visited and created an account using your Crypto Phone.
  2. Went to the section with cryptonumbers and chose the one he liked.
  3. Used TON cryptocurrency to pay for the purchase. This cryptocurrency was special - it eluded the Matrix, and no one could trace where the money went.

Life in a new world

With a new crypto number and a Crypto Phone, Tim became virtually invisible to the Matrix. He was able to travel through his own world - Narnia or Planet Nibiru, without worrying about anyone watching him.

Do good

With the TON cryptocurrency, Tim could do many good deeds. He created and supported projects that helped other people. He built schools, hospitals and libraries in his magical world. Thanks to the magic of Web3 and the power of Crypto Phone, Tim helped his world become a better and safer place.

Telegram OS

So Tim, armed with knowledge of Web3 and the magical Crypto Phone, was able to live in a world where he was free and independent. He became invisible to the Matrix and used his powers for good, turning his world into a real fairy tale. And every day he discovered new amazing opportunities that the magical world of Web3 gave him.