New buildings from Developers

2 July
New buildings from Developers
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Everyone has ever thought about living abroad. People are especially interested in the level of comfort. Countries with warm climates have their own characteristics, they are not all rich, but views of the ocean, forests with vines and palm trees do their job. Especially now, when you can find photographs of any place in the world on the Internet. And, without getting up from your chair, you can see how life is in Mexico, the USA, and Spain. The latter option is attractive due to its climate. In this country, the environmental situation is not as bad as in the United States, and there are more chances to live in a cozy place.

And people want a home that will last for a long time. This and other excellent characteristics attract when a new building from Spanish developers is considered as a future home. This decision will be beneficial, and many people’s dreams will come true. The main condition for this is to make a rational purchase, acquiring reliable real estate. These are quite reasonable plans in modern conditions.

Spanish new buildings have become famous for their cost. It has been increasing in a short time, especially during the last 16 years. The state decided on a number of significant points in legislation. They also apply to foreigners, it is important to know them. After all, new Spanish houses are in good demand abroad.

The real estate market in this country has strengthened its levels of development. Even the economic recession affected them little, although all EU countries felt this impact. The cost increases in a matter of minutes. In particular, this applies to new buildings. You can look at the statistics; they show clear numbers.

Statistics showed: 2023 brought three percent growth. As a result, in the second quarter, houses in Spain became more expensive by 5.6% per year, and during the third quarter - by 4.2%. This increase faces only such an obstacle as increased rates on related loans. The state is counting on them when it opens sales in this expensive area of ​​business.

Spain has a National Statistical Institute (INE) that publishes up-to-date information. Its specialists study the primary and secondary markets. In one quarter, the cost of new buildings in Spain increased by 11% over the year. The figure is considered a record, albeit a sad one. It has been installed over the past 16 years.

Many people view such investments as investments. For foreigners, it is important that the increase in cost has little to do with the decline in profitability. This means that the quality of the purchase and customer interest will not decrease. And, accordingly, rent will also increase. As Idealista proves, within six months by the winter of 2023, rental rates increased by an overall 10.1%.

New laws that affect foreigners

In 2023, this country adopted the Housing Law, which introduced changes. Briefly the meaning is as follows:

  • Elaboration of control over the growth of rental rates.The optimal rent increase based on long-term contracts was capped at 3% in 2024. Next year it is planned to change the indexation.
  • Rental stress zones are highlighted. This is the name given to the regions in which rents were 30% higher than the average monthly standard of living of families. The state plans to calculate the highest price for future contracts. *Taxes will apply to unused properties. Municipalities have the right to introduce them in this area. At least if there are no good reasons.
  • Law of contradiction. Its ideologists hope that with its help they will solve the issue of affordable prices for new buildings by the sea in Spain. But there are also those who foresee a decrease in supply on the rental market, and then prices will only rise even more.

How realtors work

This point in Spain is based on the existence of autonomous communities - each decides on its own what levels the business in question will correspond to. In the past, licensing of brokerage work led to the emergence of two regions known to foreigners: Andalusia with its provinces and Catalonia.

In 2023, Valencia also appeared on this list. And this is housing by the sea, the Costa Blanca. Since then, real estate agents have received a special registration; they need a license, which is supplemented by their number. It is posted in the office and on the website.

About energy efficiency

What opportunities do those who want to make such a purchase have? Environmental protection is expected to have an impact in the coming years. This question turned out to be very important. When 2023 arrived, the European Union decided to adopt not only the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, but also updates to it.

The document is comprehensive. It addresses many issues, from construction methods to fines for violations. Eco-principles in 2033 will lead to a ban on selling or renting out points if they do not have an energy certificate. Perhaps soon the inactive fund will become illiquid, or measures will begin to save the situation on the part of the owners.

Villas from the developer in the best areas of Spain

Foreigners often consider resort towns. This is especially true for investors who want to make money from tourism. And many who want to move to a new place are also looking at such opportunities. In such places it is not difficult to find work, you can earn income all year round. And the infrastructure is more than well developed. As you know, hotels by the sea are good in this country, but not only that. Tourists like to visit the mountains in winter because the ski season opens there. It's not just that it feels like a year-round vacation. A person just wants to live without blizzards and poverty.

Spain is distinguished by good development of real estate as a field of activity. They really keep improving it. This is not just a source of income; with the help of such revenues, other areas are also being developed in the country. And a number of regions simply live off tourism.

In addition, not everyone takes such objects for the sake of moving. In resort regions, premises are intensively rented in order to live there for a short time. There are also apartments and villas from the developer for long-term rental. Here, to understand, you need to look at the proposals. Indeed, many people live in resort areas because they have a good selection of shops, various public places, a milder climate, and well-developed transport.

The choice in this country is not so easy. Even when deciding to buy a new building, a person must immediately decide, otherwise he will never buy his villa. Perhaps the buyer plans to rent it out. Then it is better to look for something in the central part of the city, where educational institutions, suitable resources for students are nearby, or the resort component is well developed. Tourism provides income not only to those who rent out something. You can also do business with travelers. They need resources, they have their own needs. There are excellent options by the sea. Among them is Alicante. Villas for sale are being built in this area, and the area is created taking into account this feature. Another good choice is Adeh.

Then the selection of an agency begins. This is a very important step because scammers are very active at this time. And they are simply unscrupulous sellers who only need to earn income, but they do not admit their responsibility.

On the websites of experienced organizations you can find information that needs to be checked. The company must have a license. The organization has a contract. A specialist, if he works himself, pays taxes and is proud of his diploma, or other documents, for example, an agreement with a real estate agency, past sales, and more.

There are some really great deals out there. There are organizations that do not inflate prices. As a rule, they are offered to contact them directly from the site. This is how those who can be trusted work. They are completely open to their clients and to those who are interested in their services.

Spain with its heavenly refuges

Sun, sea, beaches are the dream of many people. Everyone wants to go on vacation to these places. And if we talk about moving, then it takes courage, every step is thought out. You need to become educated about real estate and become familiar with the laws in these states. Spain is considered quite well developed, people come here willingly.

It is believed that the best choice is a developer. It was described above what percentage the agency will take. People abroad rarely decide to contact them if there is an opportunity to buy ready-made villa projects directly. This is what sensible people do who have set good goals.

Even taking into account the slow path of the housing market away from the conditions created by the crisis and increased demand, there is not always supply. The developer is sometimes not ready to be left without profit and take on the burden of such trade himself. Various organizations primarily want to make a profit.

The developer guarantees many advantages. The buyer is well aware of them and is always happy when such offers appear. You just need to trust a reliable source of information so as not to encounter deception. Cost is the first thing that attracts a client. The developer understands this well, and also that he is not alone in taking such measures, he has competitors. Therefore, he makes other offers and holds other promotions.

Sometimes assortment also turns out to be a big advantage. This becomes possible for a number of reasons. For example, when a developer is engaged in large projects, and he has a number of large houses being built at the same time, then his costs drop, if calculated per 1 sq.m.

Intermediaries are an important link in the real estate industry. Their services are highly valued and they receive a good percentage. But in a number of cases, this link automatically disappears. If this specialist is not involved in the transaction, there is no need to pay for his services. This way the buyer gets the opportunity to save a lot of money, and this explains the desire to turn to the developer. In Spain, reliable construction technologies are chosen. Initially, ready-made house designs in this country are based on block formwork. These are polystyrene foam hollow blocks. The method of monolithic frame construction used here helps to increase the durability of the building. In order to submit reports, only new materials are used for finishing work. This is noticeable in the results; even the naked eye can see that the house is of high quality.

This country has its own real estate rules. Developers do not know about any other method of sales other than apartments and houses with finishing. When the choice is made in favor of such a purchase, the buyer will already move into the finished housing and will not have to do anything there.

You can also find great deals. The material is purchased in bulk; for such cases, prices are significantly reduced, which affects the price. Contractors do not participate in other work, and even if the cost is small, the savings in the end are noticeable.

New buildings from Developers Spain/Alicante/Torrevieja

In the end, it remains to be noted that a purchase is considered for a variety of reasons.Some people want to move into ready-made apartments, while others are really attracted by the view of the sea from the window. And many people make money this way. This is an ideal option when you don’t need to go anywhere, but the business is going on, and it is completely legal, and it is carried out abroad.

New buildings from Developers Spain/Alicante/Torrevieja

Spain has very tempting offers. For example, the developer gives a guarantee. As a rule, it is a year. Two years are given for equipment. If it was installed by the developer.

In a country like Spain, they are very careful about fulfilling their obligations under the law. An agreement is not just a piece of paper with clauses. As you know, if you take real estate at the construction stage, you can get really good deals. You can also see another country, and not be homeless in it, but know that there is a roof over your head. Although, as a rule, in Spain foreigners successfully use purchases of this kind for renting out, and they themselves can quite profitably rent a simpler home in another place. And even in another country.

A beautiful view from the window, a mild maritime climate, resort conditions - this is why people make such purchases. These reasons are no worse than the desire to receive rental income. The main thing is to remember that you need to know the laws, your rights and responsibilities.