The new currency of the "Star" in the Telegram

28 June
The new currency of the "Star" in the Telegram
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Telegram has an internal currency: what has changed for users and how to buy digital goods and services

What are the "stars" in the Telegram app?

Telegram Stars, or "stars", is a new digital currency for use inside the messenger. Now, to pay for services or purchase digital goods in the Telegram ecosystem, users must use this internal currency.

What can I pay with "stars"?

"Stars" are suitable for paying for digital goods and services available through mini-applications and bots in Telegram, such as online courses, e-books, in-game items and others. The sale of physical goods is not affected, and they can be paid with bank cards through payment systems such as Paykassma and YooMoney.

How do I purchase "stars" in Telegram?

You can buy "stars" through desktop and mobile applications. At the time of writing, there are no direct links to the purchase in Telegram. Users can use the test bot DurgerKingBot and follow the instructions to purchase the "stars", which will then be displayed in the profile settings.

  1. Through in-app purchases in the AppStore and Google Play:
  • In Russia, purchase via Google Play is not possible, but is available to iPhone users via Apple ID, replenished via MTS and Beeline.
    • Sample steps include launching DurgerKingBot, selecting an item for purchase, confirmation and payment.
  1. Using the PremiumBot bot:
  • Launch DurgerKingBot, select the product, confirm the purchase, select the number of "stars" and the payment method, complete the payment and receive confirmation.

How do I withdraw the earned "stars"?

Developers can withdraw the internal currency to Toncoin through the [Fragment] platform ( /). For ordinary users, the possibility of withdrawing "stars" is not specified, since the internal currency is usually non-refundable. Perhaps in the future there will be donation mechanisms and the corresponding withdrawal of "stars".

Advantages and disadvantages of using "stars" in Telegram


  • The convenience of paying for digital purchases through Google Play and the App Store, which may be useful for some users.


  • Russian bank cards are not accepted on Google Play and the App Store, but Apple ID replenishment is possible through MTS and Beeline.
  • Purchases in official app stores are more expensive due to a 30% commission.
  • iPhone users cannot buy "stars" through Premium Bot, but it is possible in the desktop application for macOS.

Limits and commissions when using "stars"

The commissions only apply to payments through Google Play and the App Store, where companies charge 30% of purchases. It is more profitable to buy "stars" directly through Premium Bot.

Prospects of the "star" currency

Pavel Durov promises economic benefits for developers running applications inside Telegram, which promises further development of the payment system. New features and capabilities are expected in the future, such as donations for content creators.