Longevity medicine for cats

20 June
Longevity medicine for cats
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Longevity medicine for cats from experts from Japan

The average life expectancy of domestic cats is about 15 years. Pedigreed pets, unfortunately, often live less. Veterinarians are working to prolong the life of pets, and specialists from Japan have managed to make a significant step in this direction.

Immunologist T. Miyazaki from the University of Tokyo, together with a team, created a drug that can prolong the life of cats. This drug has already passed clinical trials, which have shown promising results.

Protein inhibitor: the key to a long life

The main component of the drug is an inhibitor protein that helps the kidneys of animals to remove harmful substances with the help of immunoglobulins. In 2015, researchers found that this protein does not always function properly in cats, which leads to chronic renal failure (CRF) and premature death.

According to scientists, the new drug helps to solve the problem of chronic kidney disease and, ideally, can prolong the life of cats up to 30 years. Experts are sure that it will help even terminally ill animals. Currently, experts are working to reduce the cost of the drug. It is expected to be on the market in 2025.

Funding and support for cat lovers

T. Miyazaki started research on CKD control many years ago, but funding for the project was suspended during the coronavirus pandemic. In 2022, he informed the media about the lack of funds, after which cat lovers from all over the world began to transfer money to his project. As a result, Miyazaki raised about 300 million Japanese yen (2 million US dollars) and left his job at the university to fully focus on creating the drug.