Prevention of terrorist attack at Euro 2024

17 June
Prevention of terrorist attack at Euro 2024
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Spanish police prevented a series of terrorist attacks

Spanish police, together with colleagues from other countries, detained nine members of the IS terrorist cell who called for attacks during the Paris Olympics and Euro 2024, as well as on Real Madrid FC. This is reported by the newspaper El Confidencial.

Operation Details

According to the newspaper, the detainees called on their supporters to launch an armed attack on the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, owned by the Real Madrid club. In particular, they planned to open fire on the team bus when it arrived at the stadium.

The operation to detain terrorists became possible thanks to the coordinated efforts of the Spanish police and law enforcement agencies of other countries. The successful prevention of terrorist attacks underscores the importance of international cooperation in combating terrorism and protecting public safety.

Safety of sports events

The detention of members of a terrorist cell who planned attacks on major sporting events such as the Paris Olympics and Euro 2024, as well as Real Madrid FC, is an important step in ensuring the safety of athletes and spectators. The authorities continue to take measures to prevent any potential threats in the future.