The first map of garbage accumulations

17 June
The first map of garbage accumulations
The first map of gar... image

Discovery of the Mediterranean pollution map

An international team of scientists, including specialists from Spain, has compiled the most comprehensive map of pollution of the Mediterranean Sea by garbage to date. Using satellites, supercomputers and advanced algorithms, they were able to detect garbage accumulations polluting the water.

Improving the efficiency of garbage detection

Researchers from the University of Cadiz, CSIC and ESA found that the new sensor could increase the ability to detect debris by 20 times, allowing the identification of objects measuring one meter. This will help not only in the fight against debris, but also in the detection of oil spills and rescue operations.

Prospects for the development of new technology

The next step will be the development and testing of a new sensor for satellites. The new technology will allow not only to identify and eliminate garbage, but also to control sources of pollution.