How to choose a mobile operator in Spain

16 June
How to choose a mobile operator in Spain
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How to choose a mobile operator in Spain

Mobile communication in Spain is not easy. Having moved here, you begin to appreciate some things that you took for granted. Mobile communication is one of them. How do I choose an operator so as not to freak out about the quality of services?

Mobile Operators

There are 27 mobile operator companies operating in Spain, which are well-known and constantly flashed in advertising, offering their services. The eyes run away and it is difficult to make a choice at first glance. To simplify this process, you only need to take three steps.

1. Testing the quality of communication

There are four major operators in Spain with their own networks and wide coverage:

  • Vodafone (the site may not be available for viewing outside Spain without a VPN)
  • Movistar
  • Orange
  • Yoigo

A large number of other operators are virtual, operating on the basis of one of these four companies. Therefore, when choosing the quality of communication, we focus on this list.

Sometimes the Yoigo operator does not have its own towers in some places, and it uses the Orange network. The speed of the big four operators in different parts of the country also differs. Therefore, it is important to check what will work in your case.

We install the Opensignal application on your phone, which will help you determine how well the connection works in the places where you are.

Download the Opensignal app:

We recommend testing the work of operators in several places where you spend the most time (home, work, familiar places of walking, etc.).

2. Comparing tariffs

After checking the quality of communication, it makes sense to go to the operator's websites to view tariffs and offers and make a choice on price.

Pay attention to promotions and special offers — sometimes online connection is cheaper than in the company's office.

Keep in mind that the tariffs for communication in Spain are several times higher than in Russia, and there is practically no free traffic.

3. We conclude a contract

After comparing prices and quality, you can make the final choice and conclude a contract.

To conclude a contract, you will need a NIE (Numero de Identificacion de Extranjero — a foreigner's identification number, an analogue of an INN) or a Spanish passport and a Spanish bank account. You can apply for a NIE in advance, before your trip to Spain. We can also help with opening an account and provide advice.

At this stage, carefully read the terms of the contract, disable unnecessary options and use the most profitable option for you.