Horoscope for the week: from 17 to 23 June

16 June
Horoscope for the week: from 17 to 23 June
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Horoscope for Aries week

Be careful on Monday: it would be a shame to have a bad start to such a good week. And it's really good — starting from Tuesday, Mars, which commands you, will form positive aspects for Mercury and Venus. It's a great time for negotiations, creative projects, beauty care and romantic relationships, of course.

Horoscope for Taurus week

The depth and strength of feelings are the hallmarks of the week. Mars is visiting your sign, provoking the intensity of emotions, and the hostess of Taurus, Venus, entered the sign of Cancer, where she perceives everything very deeply. Of course, this is good for partnerships. Keep in mind, however, that the opposite situation is possible on Saturday — painful conflicts in relationships. For business, the whole week is quite good.

Gemini horoscope for the week

Actually, the week is most suitable for writing poetry and declarations of love — the conjunction of Mercury with Venus in the sign of Cancer is very conducive to this. Also, now is a great moment to settle all contradictions with loved ones and establish peace and harmony in the family. And in the work, it is worth focusing on large-scale projects, as well as on the presentation of new beginnings.

Cancer Week Horoscope

Avoid conflicts in the first half of the week. They can flare up out of the blue, and develop and end very violently. At the same time, if it is possible to avoid collisions, then the period from Monday to Wednesday is very energetic and potentially favorable. Since Thursday, tensions have been abruptly easing, but energy will also become noticeably less.

Leo Week Horoscope

You are promised a fairly positive and easy week. However, it can also be called lightweight, perhaps. You can handle ordinary tasks and tasks without much effort, but it's hardly worth taking on something outstanding. And such a need may not arise. Try to add Friday to the weekend and relax properly, especially since the day is not very successful for business.

Virgo Week Horoscope

Don't waste any time. The first half of the week is highly favorable for any serious endeavors. At this time, you can give a good start to the most promising projects. Starting Thursday, the focus may shift to personal relationships. It's not too businesslike, but it's a very romantic period. It is also good for taking care of the exterior and making changes to the interior of your home.

Libra Week Horoscope

You should choose your words more carefully. And it's not about the possible harshness of your statements, but rather the excessive generosity of your promises. Now there is a danger of promising something that will be very difficult to fulfill. For the same reason, it is hardly worth taking out loans or borrowing money during the week. Otherwise, the week is positive and harmonious.

Horoscope for the week of Scorpio

The work on the projects started earlier will be progressing most successfully this week. Now you can get new partners, clients or investors interested in them and thereby seriously bring yourself closer to success. Wednesday and Thursday look particularly promising in this sense. On weekends, it's worth getting out into nature, and it's better to have a big company.

Sagittarius Week Horoscope

Be prepared for an abundance of small things that can arise quite suddenly. It will not be difficult to cope with them, but they will constantly distract you from your main tasks. As a result, it is likely that you will find a lag behind your planned plans. Do not worry, you will be able to catch up soon, but in the meantime, learn to patiently deal with the little things.

Capricorn Week Horoscope

Count on your own strength. The stars do not intend to interfere or help you — and, apparently, the people around you will be in the same mood. A week is much more suitable for solitary desk work than for collective action. Scientific and creative activities can be especially successful. The most favorable days are Tuesday and Sunday.

Aquarius Week Horoscope

Listen to the voice of your intuition. She can suggest successful solutions during the week, and in the most practical matters, such as financial ones. But avoid haste, even if this is the advice of intuition. Hurried steps will almost certainly lead you to mistakes. On Wednesday, it is better to refrain from important things, and Monday and Sunday are the most positive.

Horoscope for the week of Pisces

If you need support this week, then you should look for it from colleagues and friends: they will be entirely on your side. Unfortunately, this cannot be said about the authorities, so it is advisable to minimize communication with them. Wednesday seems to be the most favorable day for your sign. You should not plan anything important for Saturday, it is best to devote it to household chores.