Electricity will rise in price by up to 65% for 1.6 million Spanish residents

15 June
Electricity will rise in price by up to 65% for 1.6 million Spanish residents
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The end of the 'energy shield'

Electricity will become more expensive for 1.6 million recipients of the social bonus due to the end of the "energy shield". The benefits of the social bonus, which now provide discounts of up to 65% on electricity bills and up to 80% for customers in a difficult economic situation, will be discontinued until June 30 inclusive.

According to the latest data released by the government in April, more than 1.67 million people are recipients of the bonus.

Lifting the ban on power outages

Something similar will happen with the ban on power outages. Consumers in a vulnerable position and receiving a bonus could not face power, gas and water outages. This measure will be in effect until the beginning of July. It was introduced during quarantine and has been extended since then.

Reduction of the excise tax on electricity

Another measure that can be canceled is a reduction in the Excise tax on electricity, which in the last update in the second quarter of 2024 was set at 3.8% and will return to the usual rate of 5.11% if the benefits are not extended.

Similarly, the price limit for gas cylinders is set at a maximum of 19.55 euros per unit.

Extension of the upper limit of gas tariff growth

As for gas, the extension of the upper limit of the Last Resource tariff (TUR) of gas, which prevent an increase in the cost of raw materials by more than 15%, limiting quarterly growth to about 5%.

Termination of TUR for apartment buildings

Also, at the end of the month, if there are no extensions, the TUR for apartment buildings, which applies only to buildings with a central gas boiler, will cease to exist.

Extension of benefits for energy-intensive industry

On the other hand, an 80% reduction in tariffs for energy-intensive industries is being extended for six months, as well as simplification of changes in electricity capacity agreements and gas supply contracts.