The extension of the mortgage shield until 2028!

14 June
The extension of the mortgage shield until 2028!
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The mortgage shield has been extended until 2028!

Decision of the Spanish Congress

The Spanish Congress has unanimously approved a law extending the suspension of evictions from the main mortgage housing until 2028. This measure will be a real salvation for thousands of families in difficult life situations and will provide them with the necessary stability.

Isabel Rodriguez, Minister of Housing and Urban Agenda, stressed that in the face of uncertainty in the mortgage market, this decision will help protect families from unforeseen difficulties. She stated: "Extending the mortgage shield until 2028 will enable many families to avoid evictions and keep their homes in difficult times."

Details of the new measure

The extension of the suspension of evictions provides protection for families who cannot pay their mortgage due to financial difficulties. This includes those who have lost their jobs, faced a sharp decline in income, or have other significant financial problems. The measure is designed to prevent homelessness and provide stability for those who are most vulnerable.

Opposition reaction

However, the PP and Vox political parties have expressed concern about the measure. PP representatives said that suspending evictions would not solve all housing problems and could lead to an increase in debt and a decrease in the availability of new mortgages. They also stressed that more comprehensive solutions are needed, including the construction of affordable housing and reforms in the rental market.

Vox was also critical, saying that this measure could worsen the situation in the real estate market and lead to economic difficulties for banks and lenders. They suggested considering alternative ways to support families, such as rent subsidies and retraining programs to improve the financial stability of citizens.

The future of the housing market

With the adoption of the new law, Spain is entering a new stage of protecting the rights of tenants and combating evictions. However, the question remains how this decision will affect the overall housing market and the economic situation in the country. Extending the suspension of evictions until 2028 provides temporary relief for many families, but requires further action and policy to address structural housing problems.