Anti-tourism campaigns in Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera

13 June
Anti-tourism campaigns in Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera
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Updating the Protest Schedule in Majorca, Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera

The schedule of the upcoming protest against tourism in the Balearic Islands has been updated. The new event is scheduled for July 21st.

Majorcan residents are facing increasing difficulties caused by high housing prices, low wages in the tourism sector and limited access to beaches with sunbeds only for rich people.

A large number of groups and organizations representing local residents and entrepreneurs in Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera are preparing for a new protest, speaking out against excessive tourism.

Requirements for the Regional Government

After the successful previous protest, activists are demanding that the regional government take measures to combat excessive tourism. They stress that the negative impact of mass tourism on the local population and the environment is becoming too significant.

The organizers of the protest note that mass tourism disrupts the natural balance of the islands, putting serious pressure on the transport infrastructure. They call for policy changes to better regulate the flow of tourists and promote sustainable tourism practices.

The protest is expected to attract a large number of participants, including islanders, environmentalists and sympathizers from other places. The final date of the action was set last week in Manacor.

«Menys Turisme, Més Vida»

The protest organization is led by the platform "Menys Turisme, Més Vida" (Less tourism, more life), which advocates changing the current tourism policy on the islands.