Barcelona: the city of centenarians

11 June
Barcelona: the city of centenarians
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The number of centenarians in Barcelona has reached a record

According to the results of last year, 1007 residents over the age of 100 were registered in Barcelona, of which 843 were women. Experts attribute such a clear gender difference to a combination of biological, social and behavioral factors.

The average age of Barcelona residents continues to grow

The average age of Barcelona residents is 44.4 years, which is slightly more than last year (43.8) and 2022 (44). For comparison, the average age in the European Union is 44.5 years, and Italy is in the lead with 48.4 years. The lowest average age in Cyprus is 38.4 years. Ciutat Velha is the county with the lowest average age (39.8 years), while Les Cortes (46.5) and Horta Ginardo (45.4) have the highest rate.

The proportion of the child population in Barcelona continues to decrease. In 1981, this figure was 21.3%, while in 2024 it dropped to 12.2%.

Reduction of fertility and mortality

Last year, 11,044 people were born in Barcelona, which is slightly less than 11,295 in the previous year. This is the lowest figure in 124 years, with the exception of 1939, the last year of the Civil War. At the same time, 14,705 people died in the city, which is 866 fewer than in 2023, and this is the lowest figure since 2019.

The importance of increasing the number of centenarians

"Exceeding the figure of one thousand centenarians this year is a very significant figure," said Maria Jesus Calvo, head of the statistics department of the Barcelona City Council.

Despite the steady increase in the number of centenarians, from 2021 to 2023 this figure decreased due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.