Insurance for electric scooters in Spain

11 June
Insurance for electric scooters in Spain
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Insurance for electric scooters in Spain

Users of electric scooters in Spain will have to take out insurance to be able to circulate on the streets of the cities. In addition, it will be mandatory to register these devices as light personal vehicles at the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT). This is established by the Car Insurance bill that the Government approved this Tuesday at the Council of Ministers. The rule still has to be processed in the courts, so it is expected to enter into force in 2026.

Five million electric scooters will have to be insured

It is estimated that around five million electric scooters in Spain will have to take out compulsory civil liability insurance to continue circulating. These policies will cover personal and material damages to third parties in the event of an accident, similar to the insurance required for cars, trucks and motorcycles.

Mandatory registration at the Provincial Traffic Board

In addition, the scooters must be registered with the corresponding Provincial Traffic Board, where they will be assigned a license plate or badge for identification in case of an accident. The insurance holder must be the owner of the scooter. Drivers have until January 2, 2026 to register their vehicles, according to the bill.

Extension of compulsory insurance to other vehicles

The obligation to take out insurance will also be extended to users of personal mobility vehicles and to agricultural and industrial motor vehicles, although electric bicycles will be exempt, since their engine is only a pedaling assistance.

Characteristics of the policies yet to be defined

The characteristics and scope of the mandatory policy have not yet been defined. The Executive must approve a regulation on this issue within six months of the publication of the law, which must still be approved by the Congress of Deputies and the Senate. Sources from the Ministry of Economy assure that the premiums for scooters will be lower than those of other motor vehicles, due to a lower risk and accident rate.

Accident rate data and usage estimates

In 2023, there were 300 accidents with electric scooters in Spain, with a balance of 187 people injured and 12 deaths, according to a study by the Mapfre Foundation. The Spanish Federation of Personal Mobility Vehicles (Fevemp) estimates that there are more than 5 million scooters in circulation in the country.

Unification of municipal regulations

The bill seeks to unify the scattered municipal regulations that currently regulate the use of these vehicles. Cities such as Barcelona, Palencia and Valencia already require or plan to require scooter insurance, and Zaragoza was recently added to this list. In Europe, countries such as France, Germany, the Netherlands and Norway also require mandatory liability insurance for electric scooters.

Additional regulatory measures

The mandatory insurance is another step in the increasing regulation of these vehicles, which have proliferated in recent years. Since January of this year, it has been prohibited to circulate with scooters on sidewalks and roads, and all scooters sold must have an identification that proves compliance with the technical requirements of quality and durability, a measure that will come into force in January 2027.