7,000 new gas stations for electric vehicles in Spain

9 June
7,000 new gas stations for electric vehicles in Spain
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Commissioning of 7,000 new charging points for electric vehicles in Spain

In 2024, Iberdrola commissioned 1,000 new charging points, increasing their total number to 7,000. According to the company, this strengthens its leadership as the most extensive public network of charging stations in Spain.

Future plans: 5,000 new points

In addition to the existing infrastructure, about 2,000 charging points are under construction, and more than 3,000 more are awaiting various administrative approvals. These new points will be available in the coming months.

These figures demonstrate the company's "commitment to promoting sustainable mobility as a way to combat climate change and create more environmentally friendly spaces. Of the 7000 charging points, 2000 are fast and ultra–fast. The points with a capacity of more than 50 kilowatts (kW) are part of a network operated by the Iberdrola alliance and BP Pulse.

Private sector development

Iberdrola's electric mobility development also extends to the private sector, including companies and private consumers. In total, more than 50,000 charging points have been installed, including the public network.

Iberdrola's charging infrastructure is developed in all types of locations and offers all charging speeds depending on the user's needs. Options include both long-term charging in parking spaces and ultra-fast charging from five to ten minutes.

100% eco-friendly energy

All charging points installed by Iberdrola use 100% green energy from renewable sources of guaranteed origin. This promotes emission-free mobility, decarbonization and improved air quality. The electric motor is the only technology based on renewable energy sources that is also efficient, silent and allows you to achieve zero emissions.