The theft of Ukrainian cars

7 June
The theft of Ukrainian cars
The theft of Ukraini... image

A video has spread on TikTok, which has gained almost four thousand views, claiming that cars are being seized from Ukrainian refugees in Spain who have been in the country for more than 218 days.

"I have some disappointing news for you. If you live in Spain and you have a car with Ukrainian license plates, then the first cases of seizure of cars that have been in Spain for more than 218 days have appeared," says the author of the video.

Call to check the documents

He also claims that the police are seizing cars, and urges refugees to check the documents issued at the camp to find out the date of arrival:

"The police are counting the days since your arrival. If more than 218 days have passed, your car will be taken to the penalty area. Then you will need to pay a fine, the cost of storing the car at the penalty area and go through the customs clearance procedure."

Denial by the Spanish authorities

[Re:Check ]( /) contacted the press service of the Spanish State Police, where they reported that they had not heard of such cases. The representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Spain, Raul Diesa Gonzalez, explained in correspondence that the information about the confiscation of cars from refugees has no grounds.

Gonzalez also sent a press release from the ministry, which says that Ukrainian refugees can use their driver's license in Spain for a year after arrival. In addition, the process of obtaining a Spanish driver's license has been facilitated for them.

Explanation of the General Directorate of Road Safety

In a written response, a representative of Spain's General Directorate of Road Safety explained that all cars in the country must be registered within six months or approximately 180 days.