New payment feature in Telegram: "Stars"

6 June
New payment feature in Telegram: "Stars"
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Telegram Launches Payment With "Stars": A New Era Of Digital Payments

In June, Telegram updated its bot creation platform, which now supports payment for digital goods. For this purpose, a special internal currency was introduced — "stars". Users can purchase "stars" through the in-app purchases system in Apple and Google stores or using the PremiumBot bot, and then use them to purchase various digital products.

The Ability To Withdraw Funds

Telegram developers also announced that in the near future, the creators of bots will be able to withdraw earned "stars" to Toncoin using the Fragment platform. This opens up new opportunities for monetization of content and services within the Telegram ecosystem.

Potential for Business

The Telegram team is confident that thanks to fast and convenient payments for digital goods and services, the bot and mini-application platform will be able to attract new types of businesses, reaching more than 900 million potential customers in the Telegram ecosystem. The introduction of "stars" allows you to improve the interaction between users and developers by offering a simple and effective payment method.

Future Features Of The Stars

In the future, the "stars" will receive additional features. For example, users will be able to send gifts to content creators and possibly use the "stars" for other purposes that have not yet been disclosed.

The launch of the payment system "stars" represents an important step for Telegram towards creating a full-fledged ecosystem for digital payments. This innovation not only facilitates the process of buying digital goods, but also provides developers with new opportunities for monetization and interaction with the audience.