New commissions of CaixaBank and Banco Sabadell

5 June
New commissions of CaixaBank and Banco Sabadell
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Changes in CaixaBank and Banco Santander Commissions: What You Should Know

If you are one of the many customers of CaixaBank and Banco Santander, you are in luck, because a very important change is underway in the collection of commissions that will affect everyone who has their account in one of those two banking entities. And all this comes from the continuous complaints by consumers about the charging of certain commissions that, in their opinion, are abusive and without reason to exist.

For all these reasons, a number of aspects of how certain banking entities worked will be regulated, but above all, CaixaBank and Banco Santander. We are going to see in this article what exactly those changes are and to what extent they will benefit users who have been affected by their payment so far.

CaixaBank and Banco Santander can no longer charge you for this

The fact of entering money at the window instead of through the ATM was one of the services for which CaixaBank and Banco Santander charged you a commission, also very important. From now on, they will no longer be able to do that thanks to the struggle of many of the consumers who thought that this measure was abusive and to whom the Supreme Court has recently given the reason, which has also added in its ruling that it will now become an illegal practice.

Crucial Role of the Bank of Spain in the Elimination of Abusive Commissions

As we all know, banks charge their customers a series of amounts or commissions for account maintenance, so they should not be able to charge additionally for a service that is related to this such as the cash deposit at the window, which was basically a double taxation on users. Although it is true that many of us use it very rarely, there are people who perform it frequently, such as elderly people who do not understand well with ATMs and who need the help of a person.

These customers have come to pay up to three euros per operation on sites with CaixaBank and Banco Santander, which is an outrage and more if you are not familiar with those additional costs for carrying out the procedure, which is an improvement for all those who do not want to do the operation in a window, but can not do it otherwise.

Impact on CaixaBank and Banco Santander customers

The fact that these commissions are eliminated for clients of CaixaBank and Banco Santander, two of the largest banking entities in our country, is a great victory for all of them, demonstrating once again that the rights of consumers must be strengthened against large organizations. Although saving may seem very little, it must be considered that for many it can make a big difference, in addition to being something that has already been claimed since the European Directive 93/13/EC, which directly attacks those abusive clauses that banks often have on their users.

How do these Changes Benefit CaixaBank and Banco Santander Customers?

We have already mentioned it, but this change also means greater protection for a sector of the population that is very vulnerable, such as the elderly who live in our society, who need professional support to carry out their procedures, so the method of withdrawal or cash deposit at the window is used by them the most. Finally, it is necessary to mention the importance that the Bank of Spain has had in this decision, since it has been identifying abusive practices for years and putting pressure on certain banks to avoid them.