The best price on Toncoin. Where and how to buy TON?

December 23, 2021, Pavel Durov published a post on his Telegram that spurred public interest in the Toncoin cryptocurrency. In it, he expressed his approval and gratitude to the TON (The Open Network) team, which continued to develop the project after the Durov brothers left it in 2020.

The hype that arose around Toincoin after this statement contributed to the fact that in a matter of hours the exchange rate rose by 50% and continued to gain momentum. Even those people who had never invested before became interested in cryptocurrencies. It is for them that this article will be most useful: here we will tell you how to take the first steps in trading Toincoin. At the beginning of February 2022, the rate fell a little and now the coin is trading at $2.7, and I continue to overdo the HODL strategy.

A little history about TON

TON as a result of the work of the Telegram team led by Durov appeared in 2018. This blockchain platform was supposed to compete with Bitcoin and Ethereum by launching its own cryptocurrency, Gram. However, the American court did not approve this decision and banned the distribution of Gram both in the United States and abroad.

Thus, in 2020, Pavel Durov had to abandon the further development of the platform. The story of TON could have ended there, however, on August 3, 2021, the Telegram team transferred their platform developments to an open developer community, which continues to develop the project to this day. Also, the official domain was transferred to the TON Foundation team, where up-to-date information about the blockchain project was previously published.

Where to store Toncoin & TON

Since cryptocurrency cannot be stored on a bank card, you need to create a special virtual wallet. To do this, go to the official website of the currency —
There you will be greeted with an image of a happy duck with a wallet and a big blue button to install the appropriate application depending on the device you are viewing the page from (computer, android or ios phone).

Alternatively, when you click the Show All Platforms button, you can view a list of all available platforms or create a wallet in the browser using the Web Wallet button. Consider installing a wallet on an Android phone as an example.

When installing the application on your phone, you can choose one of two options: a more minimalistic Standard Wallet or a more functional Tonkeeper. The first option is convenient for tracking balance and transfers, and the second program also allows you to monitor the cryptocurrency rate and make purchases. In our review, we will consider it.

So, download Tonkeeper to your phone and run it. The application will create a wallet for you and offer you to write down a cipher consisting of 24 numbers and words. In case of loss of the phone, this combination is the only way to restore the wallet and the currency stored on it. Therefore, it is best to save the text in a notebook that you have at home. And you definitely shouldn't save data on the same phone on which the wallet is installed, because if you lose your gadget, you will lose both the wallet and the recovery code.

After you save the proposed cipher, the program will use a security question to verify that you have indeed recorded the necessary data. After that, access to the wallet will be opened.

How to buy Toncoin/TON

After successfully following the instructions in the previous section, the most obvious place to purchase currency is the Ton Keeper app. However, this option is not the only one. You can also buy tons using Telegram bots, as well as on stock exchanges and cryptocurrency exchangers.

The most common place to trade Toncoin is the official bot:

There are many more platforms where you can buy or sell Toncoin, but this list is enough for a novice investor. We also want to remind you that cryptocurrency trading carries high risks, so you should not invest in it amounts, the loss of which will worsen the quality of your life.

So, now that we have figured out the possible trading platforms and decided on the amount of investment, let's look at some platforms in more detail.

The most beautiful TON Keeper wallet

Before you can start trading in this application, you will need to verify your identity using a scan of your passport. After this procedure is completed, you will be able to buy and sell currencies at the market price. To do this, go to the "Exchange" section; and choose one of the options. At the moment, in TON Keeper, you can pay for TON with a bank card or exchange it for Ethereum.

Crypto Bot telegram bot from developers

In order to use bots, you must have an account in this messenger and have the Telegram application installed. After that, you need to add yourself Cripto Bot. For this:

  • go to the "Contacts" section;
  • in the search bar type @CryptoBot;
  • click on the found contact;
  • click on the "Run" button at the bottom of the dialog box.

You will see a message that here you can buy, sell and store currency, as well as a menu that allows you to perform all these operations. Toncoin will be stored in the bot's internal wallet, generated for you at the moment you started working with Cripto Bot.

But a more secure storage location is the external wallet we created earlier. This is due to the fact that it does not depend on your Telegram account, and if it is hacked or blocked, you do not lose access to your thin networks. However, when transferring cryptocurrency from an internal wallet to an external one, you will be charged a commission, which has become widely known under the conditional name "gas / fuel".

In order to purchase Toncoin, you need to go to the "Market" section of the main menu; and select the desired currency (TON). After that, you will be able to select your preferred payment method. Accepted for payment:

  • rubles;
  • dollars;
  • hryvnia;
  • euro;
  • Belarusian rubles;
  • tenge.

You can also select a payment system. After the payment method is selected, a list of offers available for purchase will appear. A distinctive feature of this bot is that these offers are formed directly by the users of the bot. This means that each of them can prescribe conditions that are convenient for him, including the cost and the minimum amount of crypto to buy.

Since the bot withholds a commission of 1% when selling currency, there is a possibility that sellers will inflate the price of the transaction. But from users who purchase currency, "Crypto Bot" does not withhold commission.

After choosing the most attractive offer, follow the instructions below:

  • indicate the amount of TON you are willing to purchase;
  • click on the "Create Trade" button;
  • wait for the seller to confirm the deal;
  • within 15 minutes, transfer the required amount of money to the details that appear in the way that was indicated when choosing the payment method;
  • confirm sending the transfer with the "Payment sent" button;
  • wait for the seller to confirm receipt of payment.

After confirmation is received, the purchased Toncoins will be transferred to your internal wallet. If the seller does not confirm receipt of the money, you will have the opportunity to open a dispute and return the amount paid back.

In order to transfer crypto from an internal wallet to an external one, select the "Wallet" section in the main menu of the bot, click on the "Withdraw" button; and specify the currency for withdrawal (TON). Then enter the number of your external wallet in the text field and send a message.

You can find out the wallet number in Tonkeeper. It is listed in the "Get Cryptocurrency" section.

Official wallet from Telegram

Purchasing crypto in the Wallet telegram bot is very similar to the previous option, but there are several significant differences.

  • Firstly, the sellers are not individual users, but the bot itself. This ensures that the purchase price always corresponds to the current market price.
  • Secondly, in order to complete the transaction, you will need to verify your account by providing a phone number, passport photo and selfie.
  • And thirdly, in this case there is a minimum transaction amount.

Summing up TON

Thus, the acquisition and storage of Toncoin — a fairly simple operation that most people who actively use social networks can handle. Start by creating a wallet and get comfortable with buying in the Tonkeeper app and telegram bots. And when you feel confident, you can explore the crypto exchanges mentioned above.

I also definitely recommend paying attention to the new NFT projects for TON, on which you can also earn money by entering the secondary market.

But remember: don't invest too much for you. This will make investing an exciting activity that brings pleasure from additional income, and not a stressful event that destroys life.