Free buses for young people in Alicante

Young people under the age of 31 in Alicante will be able to use already valid FGV tickets for free travel on the Alicante TRAM.

People under the age of 31 who regularly use public transport under the jurisdiction of the Generalitat can now apply for travel passes that will allow them to travel free of charge from 7 April.

Free bus ride in Alicante

For example, in the province of Alicante, young users will be able to use the FGV tickets they are already using for free travel on Alicante TRAM, since the same card will be valid for them.

Young people who do not yet have an FGV ticket and who wish to travel on intercity buses covering the Alicante metropolitan area can obtain this free pass at the FGV offices in Alicante or at the offices of the line concession company (Vectalia) in Santa Pola.

Applicants for a temporary pass must be under 31 at the time of application and must present a valid ID, NIE or passport to prove they meet the age requirement.

In addition, persons under the age of 14 who do not have a DNI can prove that they meet the age criterion using a family book, and must also present a SIP medical card.

This free temporary pass can be obtained until April 7, the effective date, and throughout the validity period, until July 31, through the usual channels of sale of passes and multiple tickets of each of the concessionaires.

Each concessionaire company will issue these free passes and communicate instructions to their users. To do this, some companies plan to publish instructions on their website, while others will provide all the necessary information at their own physical facilities in the municipalities they serve.

Existing passes will also be adapted to this free ride period. This applies to the youth and student's own subscriptions, which are currently discounted and function as a travel pass and can continue to be used free of charge from 7 April. Those who wish to receive these tickets can apply for them online on the website of the respective company.

Repeat 10 trips

Users are required to pay a deposit for a temporary pass, which will be refunded if they make 10 or more trips during the free pass period. The deposit for the temporary pass is based on the trip from origin to destination or, if applicable, the combination of zones.

So, 10 euros must be paid for trips of no more than 25 kilometers or a zonal combination; 20 euros - for trips of more than 25 and not more than 50 kilometers or more than one zone combination; 30 euros - for trips over 50 and not more than 100 kilometers and 40 euros - for trips over 100 kilometers. Only the discount for large families is applied to the amount of the deposit.

In case the user purchased the pass with a credit card, the refund will be made automatically, without prior request, to the card with which the pass was purchased. The refund will be made at the end of the validity period and within a maximum of one month.

Deposit refund

For cash-received tickets, a refund of the deposit must be requested by the user at the box office, customer service offices, or any other after-sales service provided for this purpose by the benefit holder, within a period not exceeding one month from the expiration date of the temporary transport subscription.

If a temporary travel pass is lost or damaged, the user can request a new temporary travel pass by canceling the previous one.